Why Study Business studies?

The subject explores how businesses operate and how they are affected by various external factors. Students’ develop understanding of entrepreneurship, business planning, strategy and the corporate environment. Exams are based around case studies of small business, large firms and corporations.

Students  will have the opportunity to gain a sound understanding of many business concepts and their effects on society. Students will gain a critical understanding of organisations and the markets they serve. Students will gain a range of transferable skills, including decision-making, in light of business information.

What you will study:

The  Business specification has been updated to capture and inspire students’ interest in the way in which businesses operate in the modern world. It is designed to allow students to:

  • Gain knowledge and understanding of the key aspects of business decision making, and the impacts these have on the business and its stakeholders.
  • Look at different types of business with an emphasis on what the importance and consequences are for them and why they differ depending on size.
  • Confront issues, tackle the challenges these issues raise and engage in debate and discussion with fellow students.
  • Learn how to make decisions, and develop the necessary analytical, questioning and quantitative skills to progress in the subject.

At the heart of  Business will be its relevance to the modern world; its topicality will engage students and facilitate an understanding of their role in society. The stimulating specification content will encourage them to develop their skills as independent learners, critical thinkers and decision-makers – all personal assets that can make them stand out as they progress to higher education and/or the workplace.

Entry Requirements: Students must attain at least 5 A*-C grades including English Language and Mathematics and a total point score of  42+ in the student’s best 8 subjects to follow this course.

Further Informaion: http://www.ocr.org.uk/Images/171781-as-a-level-business-summary-brochure.pdf

Career Path.

Students with AS or A level Business have access to a wide range of possible career and higher education opportunities. You can start a career in business armed with an excellent knowledge of how businesses operate. In particular you will have a head start in careers within Accountancy, Marketing and Human Resources.Business combines well with a range of social science, humanities, and mathematics subjects to lead to University subjects in such areas as Business, Economics, Law and Accountancy.