All students from year 10 are expected to achieve at least a grade C at the end of year 10 mock exams (past paper questions from the relevant exam boards) in the subjects or related subjects that they take at GCSE level. The end of year 10 mock exam results will also contribute towards their predicted grades which will be used when applying for sixth form. It is important that these exams are taken seriously. Student’s who fail to achieve these standards will be either ask to leave or will be asked to repeat the year. Failure: Students are only allowed to repeat the year once in year 10.      
YEAR 11 ADMISSION CRITERIA – Students must pass the end of year 10 mock exam (See below for further details)
GCSE Subject
Minimum GCSE requirements for year 11 (Sept 2016)
                      Biology (H)                          B in Biology
                      Biology (F)                          C in Biology
                      Chemistry (H)                          B in Chemistry
                      Chemistry (F)                          C in Biology
                      English                          B in English Language and Literature
                      Lang/Lit  (H)
                      English Lang (F)                          C in English Language
                      History                           B in History and English
                      Maths (H)                           B in Mathematics
                      Maths (F)                           C in Mathematics
                      Further Maths                           A* in Mathematics plus extension work
                      Religious Studies                           B in Religious Studies and English Lang C
                       Physics                           B in Mathematics and C in Physics
                       Psychology                           B in English (H) and either B in Biology (H)
                       Spanish                           B in Spanish
                       French                           B in French