Philosophy and Mission Statements

philos Oak Heights is an independent school that strives to nurture, educate and cultivate the most adventurously bright, intellectual spirits to produce top future professionals. Through maintaining an unwavering disciplinary stance, the focus continually remains on teaching meticulously designed programs, which encompass all of the strengths of the national curriculum as well as other social dimensions to facilitate effective learning. Career success is of utmost priority. Both staff and students alike coordinate well in sharing the vital determination to pave the pathways to achievement; be it in the Law, Medicine, Finance or Arts employment sectors. The school is renowned for having a very selective admissions policy. A deliberate low overall intake of students serves to ensure a very high standard of regulation and accountability amongst our members. It also means the ideal level of academic, personal and social support received by students is maintained throughout their academic pursuits. Oak Heights fully recognises the importance of innovative teaching approaches in order to instil inspiration in the aspiring minds of students. The passionate, enthusiastic and encouraging attitude employed by teachers is demonstrated through excellent exam results. Motivating students to realise their own potential is a key aim at Oak Heights so that belief in their own capabilities is infused; an invaluable confidence to help them overcome any future challenges. Our academic timetable highlights the emphasis we place on the development of numeracy and literacy. Consistent effort is also made to develop inquiring minds and sound study habits. Cultural and artistic awareness is never neglected and students become experienced in formulating their own opinions over current affairs by daily discussions and debates over both key national and worldwide concerns. School trips and excursions are frequently organised to enhance this exposure, implanting the seeds for well-rounded personal growth. Oak Heights avoids the straitjacket approach towards learning relevant examination syllabuses in order to implement innovative, fresh and cutting-edge methods of teaching so as to encourage broad-minded mentality and comprehension. Each student has their own special talents – some are brilliant at sport, others in drama and a few just have the innate ability to debate over anything and everything affecting society today. Individuality is cherished in a way that allows the student to think for themselves and pursue their interests and strengths and ultimately, build upon their self-confidence.