A Level History

HISTORY (OCR )  Why Study History:

For those with an enquiring mind and an interest in the world around you – political, social, economic and environmental – along with a curiosity to understand why and how we live as we do today, then History is for you!

The A-Level History course encourages students to develop their judgement, critical awareness and powers of expression. OCR History provides a fantastic curriculum for students to ignite and engage their passions and interests. The content aims to create independent learners, critical thinkers and decision-makers – Important assets that help them to progress to higher education and/or the workplace.

What you Study: A-Level History will give you an opportunity to study different periods, areas and aspects of History which will be new to you. In Year 12 we study the Tudor period in  England, The British Empire, Twentieth Century Britain, Churchill 1930–1951, Post-War British politics 1951–97 period. This is followed in Year 13 by a course on Russian history from 1855-1964, which compares the rule of Tsars with the socialist  system of Lenin, Stalin and  Khurshchev.  Alongside this course students will be required to independently research and write a 3-4,000 word essay on an aspect of history.

The  new History qualification has been developed to recognise the scope and diversity of the subject – both in terms of content and different approaches:

  • There’s no core content, allowing you to have as much professional freedom as possible to approach the subject in your chosen valid way.
  • While the study of British History forms a substantial element, students will study the history of more than one country or state.
  • Students will undertake a thematic study, covering an extended period of history of approximately 100 years.
  • The coursework element will enable your students to explore a topic in history they have an interest in.

A level History fits well alongside subjects like Economics, Business Studies, Sociology, Psychology, Modern Languages and English Literature, as you will find yourself drawing on the skills and knowledge of these, and its intellectual rigour makes it a very suitable Arts subject to complement Science A levels. Universities look favourably upon A level History and it is a sound foundation for degrees in the Arts, Social Sciences, Business and Law.

More details: Link to OCR website: http://www.ocr.org.uk/qualifications/as-a-level-gce-history-a-h105-h505-from-2015/

Entry Requirements:  Min B grade in GCSE History preferred. . Suitable qualifications for entry into OAK Heights College.