Book reviews by Year 8 students.

Book : Midnight

Author: Jacqueline Wilson

Written by Arya Sharma

Midnight is one of Jquealine Wilson’s best books.  It’s a bout a girl called Violet.  Violet lives under the shadow of her brother Will, who has a strange, yet strong hold over Violet.  When Will learns a dark secret about himself he becomes even more frightening to poor Violet.  Then Violet mkes a friend, a new girl called Jasmine.  She feels enchanted that magical Jasmine has chosen to make friends with her but can Jasmine break Will’s hold over Violet?



Book: Sapphire Battersea

Author: Jacqueline Wilson

Written by Jaspreet Bassi

The story is about 3 daughters named Grace, Honor and Hope.  The main character is Honor, but she has a nickname – Beauty, which has stuck through her life.  Their father is a wealthy merchant, but one day his ship gets lost in the sea and he presumes they are all dead.  With all his ships lost, him and his daughters became poor and end up moving to a cottage in the countryside.  Beauty and her father face a dreadful journey ahead of them in the countryside.



Book: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallower

Author: J K Rowling

Written by Dilvir Johal

Seventeen-year-old Harry Potter goes on an adventure packed journey to kill the dark lord, by destroying the seven Hocruxes.  As he goes on this life-threatening quest, he takes along his two friends, Hermione and Ron.  Magical spells, sad deaths and gob smacking actions take place.  As Harry and his friends destroy the Hocruxes, Harry learns a shocking truth about himself and Voldermart Hacruxes.  Will Harry be able to destroy Valdermart before its too late?



Book: My Sister Jodie

Author: Jacqueline Wilson

Written by Aysha Shahid

My sister, Jodie is an amazing book about two, totally different sisters.  They move in to a spooky school with many hidden secrets.  Their parents take up a job at the school and so they all live there.  With no children around, the summer semester is great, but will they fit in during Term 1 or put their lives at stake to bullies.