The first day of term is a quiet one, as we introduce the topics for each of the subjects by your subject teachers. Everyone looks smart in their new school uniform and we want you to stay that smart all year! You need to bring a packed lunch and a healthy snack during the day. Bring all your writing equipment for the first lessons; you won’t need your PE kit on the first day. Go to the Reception where you will be welcomed by Miss Daly, and the school Principal Mr Dhillon before the bell goes at 9am. When the bell goes, we will show you to your classroom. Your tutor will be in your form room for registration.

During periods 1 & 2 (9:00 – 11:45am) you will be with your subject teacher; your form tutor who may also be your subject teacher will give you your timetable and make sure you know what’s happening for the rest of the day. Break is from 1030 – 1045am.  Lunch for all of the school is from 1145 – 1215 – we will show you where to warm up your food and to have your lunch. Lessons continue in the afternoon – period 3 is from 1215-115pm followed by a reading break and period 4 is from 1.30- 2:30pm. Our last period 5 is between 245pm – 345pm. Then, tired but happy, you can go home with homework set for the day.

We will also be handing out registration forms for Taikwondo and for extra booster classes on the same day ! So dont forget to take the forms home to your parents !