• Audits reports list missing attendance submissions
  • Attendance reports can be sent to parents by SMS (text message)
  • Absences are immediately available to parents via the parent portal
  • Attendance data can be used in grade and statutory reports
  • Customisable attendance statuses and validation
  • Handles both in-class attendance taking or administrator-led attendance capture
  • Take attendance for both student and staff

Grade Reports

Your grade reports will be scrutinised by parents: don’t get it wrong! Our tried and tested reports module lets you hand-craft your report to fulfil your specific requirements and branding and MySchool’s toolkit will help teachers quickly put forward their submissions.

  • Reports are highly customisable to meet your requirments.
  • Transcripts available in 2 clicks of your mouse
  • Historic copy of grade reports are stored as soon as they are created.


Easy to create and even simpler to manage, Assignments is one of MySchool’s central modules and is designed to support teachers, students and parents alike.

       Teachers can easily share assignments, grades and comments with students and parents through MySchool’s online portal. This option is particularly useful to students who missed school or separated parents who both want to be up to date with their children’s assignment obligations.

Timetable & Resource Management

  • Support ‘standard’ 5 days rolling calendars
  • Support calendar with arbitary number of days
  • Support calendars with ‘reverse’ days
  • Import / export to aSc Timetabler
  • View timetables per student, teacher, room, class or courses
  • Find rooms by availability, equipment and size
  • Integrated calender with appointments, assignments and lessons


Privacy, security and uptime. We never compromise on these.