In their History lessons at Oak Heights School, students develop the skills of critical thinking, incisive analysis, effective oral and written argument, reading between the lines, essay writing and much, much more. History is not just a dry series of dates and events (though they do matter). It is an ongoing process of investigation, analysis, selection and debate. It is this process which inspires inquisitive, challenging and analytical minds to pursue the subject up the school and beyond. At Key Stage 3, we encourage the students to make connections and contrasts across time and continents, societies and cultures; religions and politics. We travel through the Middle Ages and British History in the First Year, moving on to the 20th century in the Second Year. YEar 10 and year 11 follow a 20th century course, which begins withWorld War One and charts the road to World War Two and on to events of more recent times. The GCSE syllabus we follow is the Edexcel Modern World History Spec B. All students take courses on Public medicine through time, Germany 1918-39, War and the transformation of British Society 1931-51, and a British History.
Launch Course