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Devangi Khagram

Work Placement: Channel 5

For Work experience I worked with Channel 5 for 1 week.  It was an amazing week of joy working with the television company embracing all of their secrets and understanding what goes on behind the curtains of the fancy channel.  Everyday a new task had been set for me, doing a small part of someones job.  On one of the days I was lucky enough to officially promote Channel 5 advertisement slots to other companies by designing a flyer.  On one of the five days I visited the Milkshake Studio and it was great fun learning about the creativity put together for it.  Overall, the week was packed with enthusiasm and a great view of the Tower Bridge from the Channel 5 office.  I would recommend anyone to go ahead and check out Channel 5 for work experience, it’s a once in a lifetime chance.


Zaina Afzal

Work Experience:  P.I Air

For my work experience I worked at P.I.Air, which I found, was a good experience.   I learnt how to deal with different people, did some paperwork, filing and ran errands for the company around Hammersmith.  Even though I enjoyed my work experience, it made me realize that I do not want to work in an office environment.


Fayyaz Baig

Work Placement: British Airways

I did my work experience at British Airways water side.  I found it very fun and everyone was very friendly.  My mum worked there so it was good.  I went to many fields such as the technology department, security, computer virus department.  My experience was very fun and it wasn’t like any usual office.


Manpreet Sehmi

Work Placement: Houses Of Parliament

For a week I learned the ins and outs of work in Parliament with MP Mary Macleod as my mentor.  I have to confirm life as an MP is very demanding but the feeling that comes with speaking for a nation is very satisfying.  My placement required me to carry out surveys with schools within the constituency and contact possible venues for one of Mary Macleod’s upcoming surgeries.  I did a bit of investigation myself about what has inspired people to develop a career in politics, my favourite answer came from Mary Mcleod herself – “I joined politics to make a difference on an international scale.”  Arranging this placement was worthwhile and has allowed me to gain a better understanding of what politics consists of.