Year 11 Mathematic GCSE  results

It is my pleasure to write this congratulatory letter to all of our year 11 students for their outstanding Maths GCSE results. Results release day is often very nerve wracking as I am sure you are well aware, however, the results achieved today have clearly reflected the hard work of our students coupled with the support of yourselves and our outstanding maths teacher Mr Louis.

Including our 4 year 11 students who that sat their Maths GCSE exams early last summer, we have now set a very high standard within our school, with 5 A*’s , 8 A’s  and 1 B&C grade in maths GCSE.

I ask that you continue to work with us and support your child with their studying as you have done so far, in order for us to keep these outstanding grades consistent throughout all subjects.

I would like to remind you that due to changes with the DFE there will no longer be any early sittings for GCSE exams. All GCSE exams will be sat in Year 11 with the exception of mathematics, which is held during the end of year 10.

Again, well done for all of your hard work! I look forward to seeing the same effort throughout the academic year not only from our year 11s but from all other year groups as well!

All internal exam results including end of term 1 results will be displayed on the school window by Friday 10th January 2014 and will be discussed during the next parent day which will be held in February. The date and times are yet to be confirmed.