Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Monday 20th January 2014 – Friday 25th January

A trip to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ay the Lyceum theatre was organized for the year 7 students this week.  This was a fun and exciting trip for the students which they enjoyed very much.

As part of the Year 11’s History controlled assessment a trip to Hampton Court Palace was organised on Friday 24th January.  Students were given a chance to explore the grounds of the palace in preparation for their History controlled assessment that will be taking place in the next coming weeks.

In order to keep the students fit and active Swimming takes place every Tuesdays, and Sports every Friday.  A selection of games such as football and badminton and group activities are organised for the students to interact in.  We are looking to introduce athletics in the next term to build on the students strength, stamina and upkeep their physical fitness.

The Exam centre is still taking applications for the examinations taking place in June 2014.  The deadline is on the 21st February.  We will still be taking applicants however there will be an additional £10 fee after this date.