Guest speaker at Oak Heights

Monday 27th – Friday 31st January

It has been another fun packed week for the Oak Heights students.  A trip for the year 10 students was organised to China Town in celebration of the Chinese New Year.  To embrace more of the Chinese culture we took a trip down to the British Museum and explored more on China and the Far East.  Followed by all this we had a fun trip to M&M world for a sugar rush.  It was a great day of exploring culture and having great fun.

As time is getting closer for the GCSE’s, the year 11’s have been preparing for their French speaking and listening assessment.  Practice sessions have been taking place in preparation for their final speaking and listening exam next week.  In addition to this, the students are also preparing for their English and History controlled assessments that is taking place next week.

We have had a couple of guest speakers at our school this week.  Firstly, Gurpreet Keila from The Mulberry Centre at West Middlesex Hospital popped in to give a short presentation to the staff and students about their Cancer centre.  She spoke about the help and support their centre offers to patients and families dealing with cancer.